Tim Woodward, Executive Director, is a key member of the team responsible for the genesis of Animal Rescue Corps in 2010. He was driven to help start the organization after learning how few resources exist for situations of large-scale animal suffering. After eight years serving as ARC’s Chief Operations Officer, Tim assumed leadership of the organization in 2018 and has strategic and operational responsibility for Animal Rescue Corps’ staff, programs, growth, and mission impact. Tim has worked in operations and administration for more than 30 years, specializing in building companies from the ground up with integral positions at several successful financial service startup companies in the greater San Francisco Bay area. In 2009, Tim left the for-profit sector to work fulltime for the benefit and protection of animals and shortly after became a founding member of ARC. Tim loves the dedicated teamwork, partnerships, and compassionate supporters that are the hallmarks of Animal Rescue Corps, and key to the success of the organization. He is just as comfortable conducting field work and liaising with Sheriff’s offices as he is working at a desk. Tim was recognized by the national animal law advocacy group, Animal Legal Defense Fund, as one of America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders in 2020. Tim lives in Virginia with his husband and their rescued animals; in addition to his other advocacy work for animals, he promotes the compassion and joy in eating a plant-based diet.